All correspondence about admissions should be addressed to:
Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School
13901 Central Avenue
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774


Christian Experience: Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School invites applications from those persons committed to Christ and His Kingdom. This commitment should be joined with a recognition of the Bible as the authoritative, uniquely inspired Word of God, and the universal, yet locally viewed church as the only corporate visible expression of Christ on the earth.

1. Education: A high school diploma or its equivalent. Students without a diploma may enroll on a probationary status. Counsel and guidance are available to those pursuing a General Equivalency Diploma. Due to State educational requirements, neither a certificate nor a diploma can be awarded to a student without a high school diploma or its equivalent. An official copy of the high school or college transcript is to be filed in our school records by all students.

2. Age: A minimum of 18 years unless a high school graduate.

3. Financial Obligations: When you register, you will sign up for your desired courses and tuition is free.

4. New Student Orientation: All new students are required to attend orientation. The date and time of this orientation may be obtained from the Administrative Office. Returning students do not need to attend orientation. Orientation will acquaint the new student with the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School program, including policies and procedures, student ministries, proper study habits, as well as answer any questions the student may have.

Admission Procedures
Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School has an “open admissions” policy meaning that we will receive applications for enrollment from prospective Students at any time during the calendar year, though the student may not be able to gain admittance to the classroom until a new semester begins.

1. Obtain Student Admissions Packet containing an admission form, two reference forms, Code of Honor, statement of Faith and Transcript Request form.

2. The student is responsible to request an official high school or college transcript to be sent to the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School.

3. Have all forms completed and returned to the Registrar’s office with the required recent photo before the first day of class.

4. New students are required to attend the New Student Orientation held at the beginning of each semester. Returning students are not required to attend orientation.

5. You may contact the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School for an application form. The office is open Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. You may call the office or write the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School.

Bible Knowledge Test
Within 10 days of registration all new students will schedule a time to take the Bible Knowledge test. Students will take the test again before they receive their Basic Certificate. The results of this test will be used to assist the teaching staff in providing the material to help you build a strong Bible Knowledge foundation.

Honor Code
In signing the Code of Honor, the student recognizes that the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School is committed to being Christ-centered ministry and that it offers a life-style of commitment to Jesus Christ. It is, therefore, each student’s commitment to be a person of integrity in their attitude and respect for what the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School stands for.

Processing and Notification
It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that all of the required information is available to the Evangel Cathedral Central Bible School for an admission decision. The Academic Dean will review the applicants records when all information is complete. An admission decision will be communicated to the applicant as soon as possible. Applicants should have all admission information completed and turned into the office by orientation of the semester that enrollment is desired. Please check the catalog calendar for orientation dates. If sufficient information is not available to the school to make an admission decision within a reasonable time before the beginning of the desired semester, the applicant’s date of admission will be moved forward to the next semester.

Selection of Area of Study
Every student is encouraged to study the goals and requirements for the areas of study offered, and to select one consistent with his/her interests and experiences. Descriptions of these are given at the back of the catalog.

The Rush to Get a Diploma
Students are encouraged not to be unduly pressured to complete the diploma or certificate program by a certain time. Remember you can and will be ministering long before you get your diploma. Actually, it is best to pursue your training at a relaxed yet steady rate and accompany it with continuous ministry. Thus as your training moves toward culmination, you find yourself also in a growing and flourishing ministry. There is no need to RUSH TO GET A DIPLOMA. The “spirit of rush” is not the “Spirit of Christ”.


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